Sunday, August 31, 2008


It is amazing to watch their little personalities come out. Ruby and Violet are best friends and worst enemies all at the same time. WOW little girls are so adorable and at the same time know that they are and are constantly competing. "That's Mine!" is a constant phrase with these two as well as hugs and hitting are. Ruby's mom, Carey, and I have a much more stable relationship and we get a kick out of seeing these two little divas together. Love you girls!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eldorado Ice Cream Social

We had a fun time at the ice cream social. It was kind of the last summer event in Eldorado. Curious George, Clifford and Smokey Bear were there. There was a kids activity tent, live music and of course MMMmmm Ice Cream

FamJam was there and we sang songs and played with the noisy kazoos

Face Painting Was a big hit! and only 50 cents...what a deal in today's market!

Blaise and Violet were quite the trendsetters with the batman mask and butterfly--Here are their friends Ruby, Micah and Tia joining the fun with us.

and of course Violet had to have a pole dance performance (I did not teach her this, really)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blaise says....

"I love you into pieces, mom"

I reply with: "I love you into a million pieces, Blaise"

He comes back with: "No mom, I love you into a HUNDRED pieces"

too funny, I guess we better work on his numbers

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gymnastics Debut

The kids took their first gymnastics class this summer and had a great time. Of course, it was my idea but they really took to it. Blaise is a natural. He is so good at following directions from the coach and will try anything. What a great student. Here is his video of his cartwheel.

I could watch them play there for hours. Violet is a natural too of course! The hardest part for her was sitting still and listening. She was always the first to try anything. She is quite the monkey and really strong. Oh yeah and the dr. says not to worry about her knock knees--there is still hope for an olympic champion in her!

Check out her cartwheel:

Last Day at the Pool

I am soooo sad. It was our last day at the pool on Sunday. I will certainly miss it and all the great times we had with our friends there. I wish summer could last all year...really...I could do without being cooped up in the house.
Blaise is really making progress on the swimming thing. He can really hold his breath and swim unassisted to me for about 6 feet. He loves to be thrown in the air and land in a tuck, layout, or straddle positon. Violet on the otherhand does not want to go under. "Mommy, I don't want to go unner" she says. I will truly miss hangin at the pool, picnicing and I wont miss getting my car broken into. (yes, that was the downside of the pool this summer--some a** broke in and stole everything and broke both front doors) I will forgive but not forget:)

FREEstyle Presents...

This is some of the video from the BEE dance. The kids were adorable yet completely distracted by the costumes. Note to self--rehearse with the distracting costumes before hand.

My mom and I made the costumes. Easy and cheap but cute. My mom says if she was able to retire she would volunteer to make costumes. She loves it and I sure hope she will want to continue to help in the future.

Thanks Mom!!

FREEstyle Dance Performance

This was the first annual performance for FREEstyle dance. It was outside at the new bandstand in Eldorado. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful summer evening until the lightning started and we had to close down the community dance part a little early so that no one would get zapped. We performed about 6 dances including "dancing queen" which was pictured above and involved audience participation. The mommies got their groove on and I am sure everyone enjoyed watching that. I am excited about FREEstyle and hope it just continues to grow and bring everyone joy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Okay--Will give this a try

I Okay so here it is the first post. I am hoping I can figure this out and the posts will get much more glamorous. I am looking for a way to stay connected and maybe this is it. I have enjoyed checking out friends' blogs and maybe others will find this enjoyable too. Maybe? Either way...It will help me clear thoughts and show off those two wonderful things in my life. Here they are at the zoo this month. Violet is 2 and Blaise will be 4 in September.