Monday, September 8, 2008

My Birthday Weekend

I woke up this morning and Blaise said "Mom, how old are you?" I said "I'm THIRTY." He said, "No you are not, you are 29". I said "No, today I am 30." He said, "But you haven't had any birthday cake yet!"

Yes it is true my birthday was today and I am feeling a little nostalgic. The big 3-0 is a little hard to handle. Ann said to me today, "Welcome to your thirties!" and it actually felt good. I had been fearful of how I was going to take it but I am excited for what my thirties will hold. I am sure there are many things that will surprise me. I have to let go of the planning and let life take me on the ride that it is...I am getting better...but more letting go will mean more of living in the moment which is all we have.

That said...I had a great time this weekend and relaxed, worked in the yard (yeah, I know, but I am loving it), went to the zoo, did a rock painting project (more about that later), and enjoyed a little fiesta in Santa Fe. Here is what it looked like...

Breakfast on the Plaza before the pet parade. There was a mariachi band and they serenaded Violet. She really gets attention! We actually missed the pet parade. Note to self: the pet parade is short--be there early.

ZZZOOOO!!!! Blaise, Liam, Violet, Nathan, Madelyn, and Ben. (Not pictured The MOms and Jessica!)

Blaise licking my birthday Tiramisu plate. You know you are livin life right if you have tiramisu instead of birthday cake. By the way, I am adding making perfect tiramisu to my bucket list. I think it is even better than chocolate (dare I say that?)!


Marni said...

Welcome to becoming 30. It's crazy and exciting.

Sarah said...

3-0 is WAY better than the twenties...Congrats for making it through the last decade!

love you!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a lot of fun!!! 30s are not so bad!