Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Party!! and pre party presents

We opened his big presents before the party for two reasons. 1) they were part of the party and 2) I didn't want him asking for them any more! We hid the bouncy house in the freezer--sneaky--he had no idea and the bike was in the back of Nani's car. Thanks Ed for assembling it and taking it for a test ride! This is a real big boy bike and helmet (I found out they were giving away free ones at the fire station only AFTER I had purchased this one)

The party was a blast! The bouncy house was a big hit. No injuries either. I was planning on at least one black eye or some blood. There was hardly any crying--just jumping, laughing and lots of kids getting tired out in one small place. I look forward to having it in the garage and having the most rockin playdates! I took it for a test run the other day and it was pretty fun although my head almost hits the garage door so I will have to tone it down a little. We played "baseball" in there and are working on Blaise's form. I don't know much about baseball but I am a good observer and I think I am getting it right.

This is Blaise and his friend, Sammy. I think he was most excited about sneaking away from the party with him and discussing Transformers, weapons and other boyish stuff.

Here is a video of bouncy house wildness. We really packed them in there.

Next is a video of the batman cake and the singing. I am cracking up because Blaise and Sammy are whispering sweet nothings to each other. Adorable!

Thanks Bops for all the video, pictures and blowing up the bouncy house. Thanks Nani for the help with the food, drinks and clean up. Thanks to all who came to make Blaise's fourth birthday so special. It is hard to believe he is four and every day I am thankful to have a healthy, happy, sweet, sensitive, caring, creative boy!

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