Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Many "Sleepovers"

We have been having so many kids over for "sleepovers". It is in quotations because my kids call them sleep overs, but the parents have been picking the kids up after all are asleep. The first time we did it Blaise woke up and said, "Where's Sammy Davis?" I said that his mommy picked him up and took him home. Blaise said, "But I wanted to wake up with him here!!" Are we already to the point where they are going to have sleepovers just for fun--not because they need babysitting. I hope not. I know what goes on at those things. I have had too many fun sleepovers in my life to allow that:)

This one was really fun! Blaise, Violet, Ruby and Sammy all in the bath together. All Hail Carey! She shampooed all 4 with little resistance. I think we can squeeze one or two more in there so come on over.


Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

LoL. So cute.
You you have a lot of "Sleepovers"

Sarah said...

Just don't let them start a campfire in your backyard (unsupervised) and make sure you check under their bed and in their laundery hampers often...