Friday, October 3, 2008

Running on...

My mom and I ran a 5K last weekend and had a blast! It made me really think why I don't do it more ofter. Is there some reason I hesitate to do it when it makes me feel so good? I deserve it and I am worth it. So...I think I will start working towards a 10K somewhere in the near future or if not at least the Eldorado 5K Fun Run again next year.

This picture is taken from a friend who had her daughter running the 1 mile race. I hope to have the kids do that with me next year. Blaise seemed excited when I asked him.

Here we are running/walking at the end of the race. I finished and came back to finish with my mom. As you can see we are working REALLY hard. Sometimes I even amaze myself with my ability to have way too much fun all the time.

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Lisa said...

If you can do a 5K, in my book you are ready for the marathon. Seriously. Start runnin'!!