Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Santa Clause is coming to town

Santa came to the Eldorado Library. Lots of fun and all (or most) of our friends were there. Blaise even got to take some pictures (seen above)

My sweet little girl.

Fam Photo!

Blaise is all about Santa now.

Ruby and Micah with Santa.

Happy Nathan--as always.

B-man being silly and posing for the camera.

He was so excited to see Santa. Violet was scared of him and said she wanted to sit on my lap not Santa's.

Ruby Says, "Merry Christmas!"

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Lisa said...

Happy New Year Mandie! I love all of the fun pics you've posted of the holidays! Your kids are getting so big! I must say that Blaise certainly has an artistic flair in his photography! Too cute!